Quality Control

Quality Control Standards at Our Toronto Cleaning Company

Focus Cleaning utilizes various quality control standards to ensure our clients receive the attention to detail and level of service they deserve to ensure their complete satisfaction. Focus Cleaning uses both internal and external quality controls to verify all aspects of our operation allow us to offer affordable maintenance and cleaning services, outstanding customer service, and efficient solutions to improve the productivity of our cleaning technicians.

Internal Quality Control Standards

Our internal quality controls are used for the following:

  • Employee Education, Training, and Development
  • Equipment Education and Training
  • Job Site Safety and Security Practices
  • Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals Education
  • Sustainability Reviews of Current Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supply Testing and Evaluation

The objective of these controls is to help us provide our clients access to the top brands of cleaning products, supplies, and equipment on the market today, as well as eco-friendly and green cleaning solutions, and confidence in our qualified and trained cleaning technicians.

External Quality Control Standards

Focus Cleaning conducts regular and routine quality control reviews for each and every one of our clients using the following processes and procedures:

  • Our supervisors conduct onsite reviews and provide written reports to our clients for all of the services we provide at that location, along with their recommendations.
  • Onsite inspection reports are reviewed with the client upon request and are incorporated into the client’s other quality control monitoring and periodic reporting results.
  • Supervisors and Area Managers will conduct regular formal inspections of job sites with and without the client and/or their building management to verify the level of quality and customer satisfaction levels and allows us to provide an objective review.

Job Site Quality Control Standards

Focus Cleaning has several job site control standards in place to provide our clients with access to their own dedicated teams of cleaning professionals in Toronto and the GTA.

On-the-job Supervisors – These supervisors are responsible for direct supervision of our cleaning technicians and to verify all work has been completed as requested. The on-the-job supervisor will provide a cleaning report to the client or their designated representative upon completion, as well as note any discrepancies discovered that are not part of the current cleaning and maintenance services.

Area Managers – Your area manager will visit make regularly scheduled visits to your location to review your current cleaning and maintenance services, answer questions, and implement solutions, if necessary, to further guarantee your ongoing satisfaction.

Corporate Supervisors/Managers – Our corporate supervisors and managers are responsible for reviewing and monitoring your current cleaning and maintenance services. They will contact your periodically to ensure your cleaning and maintenance needs are being fully met.

Account Representatives – Your account representative is personally responsible for the day-to-day administration of your account. They are another point of contact provided to our clients if they ever require modifications to existing services or have any other questions.

All of our quality controls are constantly monitored, evaluated, and updated as needed to enable us to maintain the highest levels of customer service. To learn more about quality standards or Focus Cleaning’s commercial maintenance and cleaning services, call us at (416) 283-2561 today!