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An outstanding cleaning company should be able to remove dirt from difficult-to-reach areas. At Focus Cleaning, we go above and beyond shiny surfaces to guarantee immaculate floors, ceilings, and edges. Your place of business looks amazing when it’s spotless.

Our cleaning professionals not only dust above doors, behind furniture, and on top of cabinets, but they also remove invisible dirt that is difficult to see. To reach above pipes and ceiling fans, high dusting services in North York require the use of ladders, lifts, and specialized equipment. Some locations frequently conceal dust accumulation, such as water pipes, ceilings, HVAC ducts, walls, exhaust fans, ceiling tiles, and light fixtures. All these surfaces have the potential to collect filth, smoke, and other impurities over time. Our experts know how to leave every surface shining and spotless. This provides a clean scent for commercial spaces.

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What surfaces need high dusting?

You can maintain high-quality air by eliminating accumulated dust, pollen, and dander that enter your office. Employee comfort and allergy-free conditions in your condo are maintained in this way. Fans, ducts, and other surfaces operate more effectively when they are clean. This prolongs the life of the equipment and saves money. Clean rooms have a higher visual appeal. They require less upkeep as well.  

  • Fan blades and other hanging air fixtures
  • Overhangs
  • Skylights and high reaching windows
  • Atriums
  • Ledges of all kinds

What methods do we use for high dusting?

For offices with high ceilings, high dusting services are a great way to take detailed cleaning to the next level. Even though these are difficult-to-access places, we can handle everything and leave your ceiling and ceiling fixtures in truly stunning condition. Additionally, cleaning commercial spaces makes a positive first impression on clients. The high dusting of industrial fixtures is beneficial to foodservice businesses, restaurants, office space, shops, airports, and malls. At Focus Cleaning, we employ cutting-edge technology to get rid of dirt as efficiently as possible. 

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