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Maintaining cleanliness on a food production line is critical to your company’s success. Your food products’ quality will suffer, and you run the danger of losing clients if you don’t maintain good sanitation. Not to mention, food production facilities need to adhere to food safety regulations and pass inspections.

Food contamination is less likely when food processing equipment is cleaned thoroughly. Since they have the time and resources to do the cleaning more thoroughly, many businesses have discovered that it is advantageous to hire a third-party company to handle this cleaning. We at Focus Cleaning can assist your establishment in enhancing food plant cleaning services in Concord.

At Focus Cleaning, we specialize in industrial cleaning services and food plant cleaning protocols for production lines that produce meat, poultry, and dry food. The cleaning strategies needed for these two kinds of production facilities are completely different. Dry food lines need to have the dry food particles removed, while meat and poultry lines need to be cleaned with water and specific solutions to remove residues of protein and fat. Water may simply dilute the residue and exacerbate the mess because the food is dry and flaky, so using compressed air is usually the best way to remove these particles.

With the proper tools, our cleaning contractor team can thoroughly clean your machinery and bring it up to food safety regulations. Furthermore, our personnel have received extensive training on the most effective cleaning techniques, so you can be confident that you’re dealing with experts who will complete the task correctly. We’ve collaborated with a few well-known food production companies around the nation to make their facilities cleaner.

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