Our Toronto Professional Cleaning Company’s FAQs

Here at Focus Cleaning, we are pleased to supply answers to some of our more frequently asked questions below. We encourage you to review this question and answer section in the event you have questions. If you do not find the answers to your questions below, do not hesitate to contact us directly by calling (416) 283-2561 to speak with one of our experienced cleaning technicians.

What types of cleaning products/materials are used?

Focus Cleaning utilizes a wide array of high quality cleaning products and materials from the top suppliers and manufacturers. We enable our clients to choose from various brand name products on the market today as well as provide access to eco-friendly and green cleaning products and materials. Our range of cleaning products and materials offered to our clients includes:

  • Glass Cleaners
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Non-Acid)
  • Vinegar
  • Floor Finish and Wax Removers
  • Floor Finishes and Wax
  • Powered Cleansers
  • Stainless Steel and Metal Polishes
  • Degreasers
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Carpet Shampoos
  • Spot Removers, and More!

Why don’t you list the brand names of cleaning products/materials used?

We do not list the brand names because brands can and do change from time to time. In addition, some of our clients have their own preferred brands they like to use and we are more than happy and willing to accommodate their needs.

Why types of cleaning equipment are used?

Focus Cleaning uses only the very best cleaning equipment and products on the market today. Our goal is to use cleaning equipment and related products which can help reduce costs, while at the same time maintains interior areas of the buildings we clean, and helps increase the productivity of our cleaning technicians to deliver outstanding results.

What type of insurance coverage do you have?

Focus Cleaning and all of our cleaning technicians do their very best to ensure accidents and damage does not occur at any of our clients’ buildings. However, we are all human and should there be unforeseen damage or an accident we provide protection to our clients’ property by carrying liability insurance and WSIB insurance.

Our policy covers personal injury, property damage, and bodily injury up to $5 million. We also have $1 million in automobile (non-owned) coverage, as well as $250,000 in tenant’s legal liability coverage.

We are more than happy to provide a detailed copy of our coverage and property protection on request.

How are your cleaning services tracked for clients?

Focus Cleaning is pleased to provide our clients access to our FREE Focus Cleaning app, as well as a paper-based daily log book. With the mobile device app, it functions much like our paper-based daily log book.

Clients can enter in information and feedback about our cleaning services, request specialized cleaning, or other such requests. Our cleaning technicians review our clients’ comments and feedback and will also enter in details about what services were performed, actions taken to resolve any issues, and notifications about potential issues they discover that are not currently part of the client’s personalized and customized cleaning schedule.

In addition, the client can utilize either our cleaning app or log book to request periodic services, such as pressure washing, exterior maintenance, handyman services, painting, or floor maintenance services, and so on, to ensure they are scheduled and completed on time as requested.