Restaurants Cleaning

02Jul 2016

All businesses, which prepares and serves food, are subjected to regular inspections by DineSafe. DineSafe is a public health food safety program in Toronto that adheres to all provincial and municipal regulations. As such, these established must satisfy the requirements as contained within the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, as well as those set up by municipalities within the Greater Toronto Area.

The frequency of DineSafe inspections is based on the risk level (Low, Moderate, or High) of the business based upon specific criteria. In addition, the number of minimum inspections per year are one, two, or three times (Low, Moderate, or High). However, that does not mean an establishment could be inspected more than the minimum required visits. Continue reading

10Jul 2015

Cold and flu season is just right around the corner. Is your business, office, or restaurant ready? There are a variety of different ways cold and flu virus can be spread around your business environment by your employees and guests. All it takes is for someone to cough or sneeze into their hands and then touch keyboards, desks, copy machines, tables, and other surfaces in the building. If someone else touches the same contaminated surface, the virus can be spread to them, if they rub their eyes, consume food without washing their hands, or even spread the virus on their hands to others.

With professional cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA, you can keep your business environment clean and sterile to reduce the spread of illness, especially during high cold and flu season. You can request specific areas of your work environment be sterilized on a daily basis and request supplies to help keep your employees healthy, including: Continue reading