Cleaning servicing

30Dec 2016

During the winter months, people are more susceptible to illnesses and infections. One of the reasons for the increase in sicknesses is due to reduced humidity in indoor air and lower air quality. Heated air is drier and holds less humidity, so it does not effectively remove airborne viruses and bacteria as easily as it does during the summer months, when the air is much more humid.

Medical Office Cleaning

As a medical professional, you will want to make sure your medical office healthcare providers and staff are better able to fight off infections when being exposed to so many germs, illnesses and sicknesses from your patients. Our Toronto professional cleaning service is pleased to offer these useful tips and suggestions: Continue reading

15Dec 2016

For most business owners, the last thing on their mind is keeping their business cleaned. They are already spending 40+ hours a week ensuring the day-to-day operations are being completed correctly and employees are remaining productive.

Keeping your business clean can seem like a challenge. Do you really want to spend your evenings, after everyone has gone home vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms? Even if you task your employees with keeping their work areas organized and cleaned, in most cases, the amount of time your employees spend on picking up after themselves will be minimal. Continue reading

15Sep 2016

There are numerous reasons why you need to keep your medical facility clean. Your nurses, physicians, medical technicians, and other staff deserve to work in a clean and healthy environment while providing care to patients. How clean your medical office is also reflects your level of concern and thoughtfulness for your patients and your professional staff.

Facility managers have multiple tasks and responsibilities to take care of, sometimes outside of normal operating hours. Unfortunately, your staff may not realize exactly what you do after hours to ensure the healthcare operation is being ran effectively and efficiently. Ensuring the facility is cleaned correctly every evening is just one of the many tasks you have to manage. Continue reading