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Love the cozy elegance carpets bring to your East York condo? But do you hate the endless struggle to keep them clean? Focus Cleaning is here to be your knight in shining armour, offering expert and affordable carpet shampooing and carpet cleaning services in East York. Forget spending hours battling stubborn stains and dirt. Our team of seasoned cleaners is equipped with the right tools and cleaning solutions to tackle even the toughest messes, from spilled food and beverages to deep-seated grime. With our professional cleaning services, you can say goodbye to the stress and frustration of maintaining your carpets. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that will leave your carpets looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Regular vacuuming might not be enough—trust us, we know! That’s where our expertise comes in, ensuring a thorough clean that removes hidden dirt and leaves your carpets feeling fresh and revitalized.

But we don’t just stop at carpets. Focus Cleaning extends its magic touch to your precious upholstery furniture too. Our trained and professional team, armed with non-harmful chemicals, will treat each piece with meticulous carpet cleaning services, restoring its original beauty without risking damage. This means you can finally say goodbye to worrying about fading or harsh cleaning agents harming your beloved furniture.

So, ditch the stress, the backaches, and the questionable cleaning results. Let Focus Cleaning handle the dirty work while you focus on the things you enjoy. With our dedication to quality and affordability, we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the transformation of your carpets and upholstery. Contact us to get sparkling floors, and stress-free living awaits!

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Office and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Deep steam cleaning of carpets
  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets
  • Spot cleaning for stains from the carpets
  • Separate treatment for the type of stains like coffee, blood, food, grease, etc.
  • Shampoo clean
  • Hot water extract
  • Disinfectant and odor out treatment
  • Carpet stain protector application