Canadians are eagerly waiting for restaurants to reopen. You miss hosting, and they reminisce about the dining experience. The clink of glasses, the laughter of loved ones from across the table! Being social is ingrained in us. Most customers would do anything to sit in a restaurant right now.

Would You Go Above and Beyond to Make it Covid Safe for Them?

Restaurants return to business, but it might not be “as usual.”  The expectations of a restaurant’s cleanliness are higher than ever. You’re expected to perform hygiene practices that include cleaning, sanitization, disinfection, and ventilation.

This means the cleaning practices you already have in place will have to be vigorous and frequent. Demonstrate your commitment to health by giving your establishment a thorough sanitization. Your customer deserves it. Book an appointment with Focus Cleaners and let us handle your cleaning requirements that meet the current safety requirements. We are experts in commercial restaurant cleaning that includes patios and kitchens. Read on to know the services we provide: 

Dining Area

Be sensitive to the public’s unease.  Cleaning the dining area rebuilds your customers’ trust. Let’s start with creating the most hygienic dining environment.

We offer complete cleaning solutions for your reception, dining area, bar, and patios. Whether opening after an extended lockdown or a short break, you need to get cleaning! All high-touch areas like tables, chairs, billing counters are disinfected to maintain a sanitary condition. We service amenities made available to the public, like the reception area, washrooms, and locker rooms.

Kitchen Area

Covid is not considered to be a foodborne illness. However, the kitchen witnesses high traffic, constant human presence, and a lot of surfaces that are touched multiple times a day. This makes the kitchen an area that needs proper attention in terms of cleanliness.

The increase in Drive-thru, pickup, and delivery business models benefit from kitchen sanitization. 

Our years of experience ensure we tackle all areas of kitchen cleaning professionally. We use pressure washing to wash and de-grease all kinds of kitchen equipment. Focus Cleaning takes care to disinfect dishwashers and shelves and wipe down preparation tables.

What do our Kitchen Cleaning Services Include?

We ensure every nook and cranny of the kitchen is cleaned through high-pressure washing treatment that combines powerful streams of water and approved chemicals. This helps loosen up the debris and grease and blasts away any presence of grime.

We also clean exhaust systems to keep the kitchen temperature manageable and odor-free. It also helps reduce fire hazards.

Apart from this, our kitchen cleaning services also include:

  • Clean and polish hoods
  • Clean underneath and behind the equipment
  • Degrease, wash all kitchen equipment
  • Kitchen walls along with baseboards
  • Drain/drain grill cleaning
  • Garbage Removal
  • Disinfect the dishwashers as well as shelves

We ensure the kitchen is a clean, sanitized workstation for the staff as this will help build trust amongst employees as well as customers. Keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic should be on top of every restaurant’s mind. Focus Cleaning helps you achieve that goal.

New Normal

The food industry hinges on cleanliness, sanitation, and safety. As customers return to sit and eat at their favorite restaurant. A new restaurant experience awaits, with acrylic shields, contactless service, and fewer tables. Sanitizer bottles should be present on every table and at the entrance of doors. Floor stickers should be utilized to promote proper physical distancing.

Focus Cleaning: Trusted to Sanitize

Different area administrations have different hygiene rules, and they get updated too. We will track the changes and provide the necessary services to your restaurant. 

We use high-quality Health Canada Approved Disinfectants against COVID-19. Toronto is one of the longest cities in lockdown mode in North America. You would need all the help possible to get up and serve again. Contact us at 647-532-2730 to know more!

Patrons are waiting to meet you. Let us handle the cleaning, you handle the hungry customers, asking for a refill.